After a boat crash left two dead over the Fourth of July weekend, 29-year-old Ricky Latham is out of jail on $490,000 in bonds.

Latham is charged with two counts of reckless murder, two counts of first degree assault, one count of second degree assault, reckless endangerment and boating under the influence.

Destiny Graben, 23, and Ricky Glover, 47, were killed when Latham’s 2017 ski boat collided with a bass boat driven by Michael Brown. Brown testified that Latham swerved into his lane, striking the bass boat.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Marine Trooper Freddie Ingram backed Brown’s story, saying the investigation he led after the crash proves the wreck was caused by Latham, whose alcohol level at the time was .234 percent, almost three times the legal limit.

“This is a very tragic situation, and we are going to move it forward as soon as possible to get a resolution for the family,” said Hale County District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Jim Standrridge, Latham’s attorney, said Latham is “as sad as he can be” about what happened, calling the crash a “tragedy.”

“(Latham) is sad for the whole tragedy,” Standrridge said. “It is a tragedy for everybody. For the people who lost their lives and for the people who were injured. It is a tragic situation from start to finish.”

Probable cause was found Friday to send this case to a Hale County grand jury. Jackson said he does not know when the grand jury will meet next.

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