Unlucky car gets weighty tree topper during Friday’s severe storms

Friday’s severe weather knocked down several trees in Tuscaloosa. In one instance, a large tree limb fell and crushed a car parked under a tree on the corner of 12th Street and Sixth Avenue behind Jack’s Restaurant near the University of Alabama campus.

When the storm passed through, a large limb broke off and fell into the street. It also left a gaping hole in the tree and a major repair bill for the car unlucky enough to be parked under it.

The road was closed for about an hour as crews sawed and moved the tree.

No one was injured in the incident.

A friend of the car’s owner wanted to give a tip for drivers.

“You have to be careful where you park,” they said. “UA Parking Services will get you if you park illegally on campus and Mother Nature will get you out here, so be careful”.

Two people died from the storm. None of those were in West Alabama.

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