By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Katherine Bedrich

TUSCALOOSA– The University of Alabama’s Athletic Department is cracking down on student alcohol consumption at baseball games.

Thanks to after new policies released this month, students entering the right field of Sewell-Thomas Stadium are now limited to six, 12-ounce beer cans per person and only small, personal coolers are allowed in. Any student who is visibly intoxicated will be denied admission to the game and flasks are strictly prohibited.

The policies were sent to students in an email Wednesday afternoon but were not finalized until Thursday.

As a result, the student section known as the “Right-Field Ragers” raged a little more politely at Friday night’s game against Ole Miss. In fact, many students were turned away for not following the new regulations.

Seth Moore, a UA student who said he was looking forward to the game, was one of those turned away.

“I had six, 25-ounce beers because they never specified size,” he said. “And I was turned away, because apparently the university had decided at some point between when they sent the email and today when the game started that they wanted to change it to 12-ounce cans instead of any size.”

The updates came from a collaboration between the UA Athletic Department, Student Affairs and the Student Government Association.

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