By WVUA 23 Web Writer Emily Strickland

The University of Alabama chapter of the NAACP hosted a forum Tuesday called Let’s Talk About It that focused on the specific challenges African-American students at UA face.

Students had the opportunity to express their opinions and discuss solutions to minority students’ challenges through a moderated discussion.

Daviyontae Floyd, the chapter’s president, believes that if the organization sparks enough interest it could benefit the African-American students on campus.

“The end goal is to spark some participation,” Floyd said. “Due to recent events in society, the University of Alabama chapter of the NAACP is trying to bring change to this campus and community.”

After a few years away from campus, the UA chapter of the NAACP has returned and is planning to address problems faced by minority students, Floyd said.

“NAACP was on campus years ago and it dwindled out,” Floyd said. “The main goal now is to get everything handled as far as being reestablished on campus.”

The UA NAACP chapter is expecting to continue its outreach to assist students and faculty on campus and is working on plans for more forums and lectures in the future.

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