By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Bryn Caswell and WVUA 23 Web Writer Emma Goldstein

A bust honoring veteran University of Alabama alumnus and U.S. Air Force senior airman Mark Forester was unveiled Nov. 8 as a permanent reminder of his heroism.

Son, brother and friend. Those are just a few words that describe who Forester was to the community, but hero is the one world that will never be forgotten.

“He felt like one of his duties in life was to protect our country and our freedom and he acted upon that,” said Thad Forester, Mark’s brother.

Mark is a University of Alabama graduate whose call to heroism rang when 9/11 happened. It was his selflessness and patriotism that ignited his desire to serve our country.

“We are honoring him today by unveiling the bust for the Forester family and the entire University of Alabama community,” said Alex Buyman, assistant director of military affairs.

Mark’s action of saving a fallen comrade’s life in Afghanistan resulted in his death, and that is what no one will forget when looking at his bust, heroism.

“It’s an honor for the University to recognize my brother for his service and hos sacrifice,” said Forester.

The University of Alabama’s slogan is “where legends are made” and this is exactly what Mark was to his friends and family.

“Mark Forester is definitely an example of a legend the University of Alabama has made. And its a legacy we follow and an example we follow through veteran and military affairs,” said Buyman.

If Mark were here today to see his bust his brother thinks he would say, “Well you kinda got my slime right, you got my nose and you got my moles so i guess we are all good.”

But what we got is an important lesson on true patriotism and a genuine legend that will remain in the hearts of many.

The Mark Forester Foundation will be hosting a golf tournament in the spring to help raise money for his scholarship fund. Visit to find out more about future events and fundraisers.



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