University of Alabama gets new MRI machine

TUSCALOOSA – The University of Alabama has a new state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging machine that is almost twice as powerful as current MRIs being used.

University leaders said this machine will help researchers learn more about brain functioning, neurochemistry and any other matters related to neuroscience now that the scanner is available in our area.

“We will now be able to understand the differences between individuals who may have a neurological or a psychological disorder compared to people who do not have those disorders,” said Alabama Life Research Institute Executive Director Sharlene Newman.

Researchers will be studying people from across the state.

“I think one of the nice things about having it here at the University of Alabama is because we are sitting in rural Alabama, and so there’s a lot of research that happens to study brain function and structure to study human neuroscience that don’t include people who live in these areas,” said Newman.

Faculty members said the new machine produces images of a higher quality than your average MRI.

“I am really excited for the university to have this capability, to also be partnering with universities from around the country who do this kind of transformative research that we are able to do here now,” Newman said.


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