United Way kicks off campaign with $4.5M goal

United Way Of West Alabama

The United Way of West Alabama held its annual campaign kickoff Tuesday. The highlight of the luncheon was the announcement of this year’s campaign goal—a bold $4.5 million. With this ambitious target, UWWA aims to bolster its ongoing efforts to create positive change in the community by supporting local nonprofit agencies that work tirelessly to enhance the lives of those who need it most.  

“The United Way is into everything,” said campaign chair Chris Gunter. “We are helping one in every four people in West Alabama. We help over 30 different agencies that really count on those dollars each and every year. So, we have to kind of meet those demands.” 

The United Way of West Alabama raises money for agencies like the Red Cross, Temporary Emergency Services and Caring Days Adult Day Care. Those who attended the kickoff had a chance to see this year’s campaign video. The Homer S. Butler Agency of the Year Award went to Child Abuse Prevention Services.  The United Way of West Alabama is an organization that raises money for agencies that include Red Cross, Temporary Emergency Services and Caring Days Adult Day Care. 

UWWA’s campaigns have historically provided vital resources to its local nonprofit partner agencies, allowing them to carry out crucial programs and initiatives that address essential needs impacting education, health, financial stability, and disaster recovery. The organization’s collective impact is staggering—one out of every four West Alabamians receives assistance through UWWA and its partner agencies. This statistic underscores the vital role that UWWA plays in the local community and highlights the need for widespread community support.  

“We know that with rising costs on groceries and other basic items, many of our donors are concerned about their economic outlook. That also means that those who were already struggling to make ends meet are struggling even more now. We added four new partner agencies last year to address these needs, but that means we are asking everyone who can be part of this year’s campaign to give,” said Jackie Wuska, UWWA President & CEO. “The only way we can reach the goal and support all of our neighbors in need is to unite for the good of all.”

As the campaign begins, UWWA encourages businesses, organizations, and individuals to come together, show their support, and contribute to the cause. 

Want to help support the cause? You can donate or learn more about doing so right here.

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