United Way has nonprofits eating pie for a good cause

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Peyton Newman

Tuesday night in Tuscaloosa, one man helped a local nonprofit bring in the dough. 

United Way of West Alabama hosted its ninth annual pie-eating competition at Heat Pizza Bar in downtown Tuscaloosa, with prize money going toward the organization affiliated with the winning pie-eaters

The nonprofits involved in the contest raise money ahead of the event, and the group raising the most money is given half the final prize. The other half is awarded to whoever wins the pie-eating contest. 

This year’s pie-eating winner was George O’Rear, who represented Family Counseling Services

John Gordon, who was last year’s champion, served as this year’s emcee. Gordon has won the contest countless times and said he was excited to serve in a new capacity. 

“(I love) when the eating is done and pizza is all over everyone’s face,” Gordon said. “It’s all smiles and laughter. It’s such a very positive Tuscaloosa event. There is so much negative out there in the world. It’s great to see positivity.” 

Competitors try out different methods to finish their pizza the fastest, ranging from folding the pizza to drenching it in water. Gordon encouraged contestants to follow the ‘ABC’ rule: always be chewing. 

O’Rear said his success is rooted in being a dad and having to eat a lot of pizza.

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