Union rallies resuming at Warrior Met Coal

Miners Strike

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyle Hamrick

Weekly rallies conducted by the United Mine Workers of America are set to resume tomorrow, Wednesday June 22 after the union’s constitutional convention resolved to commit more resources to securing a favorable deal with Warrior Met Coal in Brookwood.

According to a press release from the organization, the action “unleashes every available avenue the union has at its disposal to continue the struggle for justice and win a fair contract at Warrior Met Coal.”

UMWA International President Cecil Roberts called the resolution “a tremendous show of support and solidarity” for mine workers still striking for improved working conditions, better pay and benefits after more than a year.

The union’s UMWA Strike Aid Fund has received $2.5 million in donations, which will be distributed to those union members striking in Brookwood.

In October, a restraining order issued by Circuit Judge James H. Roberts, Jr. barred union members from picketing within 300 yards of Warrior Met Coal’s mines and offices.

Roberts said he will attend Wednesday’s rally to show support and answer questions. Negotiations between the union and Warrior Met Coal’s leadership are set to resume as well.

“Make no mistake, we will continue to have the resources to end this struggle,” Roberts said.

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