Suspects charged in Tuscaloosa drive-by double murder

TUSCALOOSA – A second person is arrested and charged in a double murder from over the weekend that killed one man and a two-year-old little boy. We are not able to release the most recent suspect’s identity due to the person’s age.

A law passed last year in Alabama prohibits law enforcement from releasing any information concerning juvenile defendants.

This suspect is charged with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of 25-year-old Marcus Winston and two-year-old Ashton Jones.

Investigators believe the juvenile suspect was a shooter.

Tyrese Bell, age 19, was charged Monday with two counts of murder.

“We do believe that the two people we have in custody now are involved in and guilty of these crimes hints the charges,” said Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit Commander Captain Jack Kennedy.

Three people were initially named as persons of interest in this case. Kennedy said Deantwone Long is still an active part of the investigation, Tyrese Bell is now charged and Kalaria Gilbert is cleared.

“A person of interest is not saying they are a suspect in anything,” said Kennedy. “Sometimes they do turn out to be suspects, but for a person to believe that just because a person of interest is being sought that they are automatically a suspect, is not true. In this case, it was definitely proven that was not the case and she was not determined to have been involved in this whatsoever.”

Kennedy said this investigation is far from over. “This investigation is definitely ongoing,” he emphasized. “The investigation is not over at the point of arrest. In my opinion, the investigation is continuing on until the point of conviction.”

There are still missing pieces from their investigation and information from the public remains crucial.

“The one thing law enforcement does not have is a time machine,” Kennedy said. “So, we cannot go back in time and see exactly what occurred. But the people who were present at the time or immediately thereafter or who may have spoken to someone who was there or has information on any of these suspects whether we have announced them or not, please contact us. All of that is invaluable information.”

Bell remains in the Tuscaloosa county jail on a $3 million bond. The juvenile suspect is jailed without bond.


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