UAB Hospital is working on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Before a clinical trial, any vaccine will have to be tested on animals first and then be evaluated for effectiveness. It is not certain if clinical trials will happen at UAB Hospital, but others have in the past.

UAB biology department chair Frances Lund said she is excited they get to be a part of a possible solution to this virus.

“The vaccine that we are going to work on with the company Ultimune is one that has already tested in humans for influenza,” Lund said. “Basically, they modified it to try to do it now for COVID-19. So we already know that it is safe in humans. Now we just want to see if it induces a good immune response to COVID-19, to the SARS 2 virus, in animals before they go into humans.”

Lund said they hope to start the clinical trial in the next six to eight weeks, and the trial will take about a month.

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