UAB Hospital: Nurses are exhausted amid influx of COVID patients

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Since the pandemic began, more than 12,100 people have died from COVID-19 complications in Alabama.

Some of the youngest front-line health care workers are speaking out and hoping they’ll soon see major progress in fighting the pandemic. Most health care professionals are working long hours with few breaks, and in many cases, their precautions are not enough to keep from contracting the virus themselves.

Several nurses who work in the COVID-19 Unit at UAB Hospital in Birmingham said they’re exhausted and overwhelmed, and some are even debating a career change.

The worst part, they said, is they’re doing everything they can but the virus keeps spreading among those who are not protected — and in some cases affecting those who are vaccinated.

“It’s been difficult to have to walk from one patient’s room to one patient’s room who just passed away.  We have to walk into the next patient’s room and pretend that hasn’t happened,” said UAB Hospital Nurse Anderson Lopez Castillo.

Currently, there are not enough ICU beds across the state.

Wednesday night, UAB had to convert another unit into a COVID Care Unit just to be able to hold COVID patients.

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