Five University of Alabama students are hitting the road to attend the Iowa caucuses.

They are participating in a field research experience. The group will distribute surveys and gather public opinions of caucus attendees.

UA Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Cynthia Peacock is leading the group.

She said this is a unique opportunity for the students.

“Yeah, you can’t beat it. So you can read a book about Iowa, which we are but that’s nothing like being there and actually going to the rallies, seeing the candidates, going to the events, witnessing United States democracy as it takes place in person so I think it can’t be beaten,” Peacock said.

Students agreed.

“Oh, it means everything. I mean this is my second year in grad school and I feel like all of my classes that I’ve taken up to this point have really helped me understand what is about to happen traveling with the University of Alabama because the opportunity that they have given me to do this is something I probably wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else,” said journalism graduate student Hannah Dugger.

The group will be in Iowa from Jan. 31 through Feb. 4.

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