A University of Alabama engineering student from New Jersey was supposed to graduate in May. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, UA’s commencement ceremony was canceled. Instead of walking across the stage to accept his diploma, John Glidden will be volunteering to help those suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Glidden said this is not how he wanted to spend the end of his senior year, but he is happy to use this time to make sure his city gets through this pandemic.

Glidden will be working as an EMT for Closter Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Corp, a non-profit ambulance service. Glidden said the ambulance service will be operating purely on donations and will not bill any patient they help. The ambulance service operates in his hometown of Closter, New Jersey. The service will respond to emergency calls including COVID-19 cases.

“It’s really necessary because there are people who are dying from this virus, this disease, and and if we’re able to pick someone up and get them to the hospital when they couldn’t bring themselves, it can save lives,” Glidden said.

Glidden will be volunteering as an EMT until he moves to Orlando, Florida.

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