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Reporting by WVUA 23’s Libbi Farrow.

A team from the University of Alabama is preparing to conduct a research study to gain an in-depth understanding of how communities take action during severe weather events.

The study, which is a part of a broader research project called Vortex Southeast 2019, is sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

According to Dr. Laura Myers, the Director for Advanced Public Safety at UA and the leader of the research project, there has never been a research study on what actually happens in homes during severe weather conditions.

“We usually talk to people after they have been impacted by a tornado,” Myers said. “Now we’re gonna talk to them as they’re awaiting a tornado. So we want to know how are they going to get their information, what their gonna do with it, and what action they are going to take.”
<p>Researchers will contact participants as severe weather forecasts become available and will then send researchers to observe how the household prepares for the coming storm.</p>

“Several churches have invited us in to prepare them with that information,” Myers said. “We are going to be disseminating information and give them handouts, giving them a video, and actually give them some emergency equipment.”

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