Secret Meals

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Students studying public relations at The University of Alabama have partnered with Secret Meals For Hungry Children each semester over the past eight years to raise money and spread awareness for the organization.

This comes as part of Susan Daria’s Public Relations Concepting and Implementation class and allows students to develop and execute plans benefitting Secret Meals.

There are 2,500 children across Alabama who rely on Secret Meals to fill the nutritional gap they face on the weekends.

Students plan events in the Tuscaloosa community, ranging from game nights at local restaurants to dance clinics and uniquely themed nights at various venues.

“Every semester, my students put their hearts into developing efforts to help feed local, needy children,” said Daria.

Previously, the top-earning semester raised $18,700 in the fall of 2019.

Students this semester topped that, raising $20,825, enough to feed 148 West Alabama children every weekend for a year.

“This has been a huge privilege watching my students use their chosen profession for the good of our community,” said Daria.

Since 2011, students have raised over $205,000 for Secret Meals, providing meals for 1,641 children facing food insecurity across our state.

For more information and opportunities to get involved, please visit here or contact Allie Schneider, student representative, at

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