Button Cousette

Reporting by WVUA 23’s Ashlee Davis

UA sororities and fraternities partnered with local business “The Row” to raise money for the family of fallen Tuscaloosa police officer Dornell Cousette.

They created game day buttons in his honor and sold them at the store for a $6 donation. Thursday, they presented the trust fund they created to Cousette’s family and Tuscaloosa Police in the amount of $16,558.

Cousette was killed in the line of duty on Sept. 16. This marked the first officer-involved shooting in Tuscaloosa in 47 years. One UA sorority member, Catherine Christopher, expressed why this gesture was needed.

“We are just so thankful to live in a community with such a strong police force that really looks out for us, so when you lose one of our own, not one of our own, but a member of our community, that hurts,” Christopher said. “Especially a member of our community who does the best they can do to protect us, that it’s the only thing we can do is come together and try and do what we can for his family.”

The buttons that were made each have a flag with the words “Tuscaloosa Remembers Officer Cousette” printed over a blue American flag. The idea for the button actually did not come from college-aged students, but from The Row owner’s high school son.

“And we are just overwhelmed at the response we got,” said The Row owner Michael Kidd. “I think we had 26 fraternities and sororities that contributed to this cause and they really stepped up and we appreciate all that you do, not just for his family but with the University.”

In all, there were 10 sororities and 19 fraternities that participated. Although the Tuscaloosa community still mourns the loss of  Cousette, his name will live on through things like buttons, pictures and memories forever.

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