E Day

Reporting by WVUA 23’s Grace Campbell

The University of Alabama College of Engineering hosted a few high schoolers Thursday for its annual  E-Day.

The college held an open house to show prospective students the different opportunities the college has to offer. The College of Engineering’s website said the event offered information on admissions, different student organizations and the seven academic departments the college has. E-Day also included lab tours and meet-and-greets with faculty.

“Students can go visit with what they’re interested in,” Engineering Student Recruitment coordinator Samantha Proctor said. “They may be able to find a group or an organization they’ve never heard of before and it could turn into a passion for them, which eventually leads to a lifelong career.”

Middle and high schools and individuals were able to register for E-Day. The event was meant to promote everything the college offers, so prospective students were able to browse tables and booths along Shelby Quad. The booths and tables ranged from showing off the honors college to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

The organizations showed people that if they love to code or build bridges and roads, anyone is capable of becoming an engineer.

“Right now, it’s a male-dominated field, so not only are we encouraging minority students, we are also encouraging women,” NSBE president Alishia Thurman said. “We want to make sure that these people understand that just because you don’t see a whole lot of us in the engineering field doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get in there.”

Thurman, a current UA student, said she wants high schoolers to know that as technology and science continue to evolve, engineers will become even more vital to society.

“We’re going towards electrical cars, you can’t do that without engineers,” she said. “We need roads, building, towers, the satellites that the CIA uses, all of that is through engineering. Not just engineering of course, but all of those that is through engineering. So, as we continue to evolve with technology and sciences and things like that, engineers will be interval to the people for sure.”

More than 1,000 students came to E-Day today. The students also had the opportunity to meet a robot engineered by current students in the college.

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