By Nawaal Jalill, WVUA 23 Student Reporter

TUSCALOOSA – Excitement filled the air at the Culverhouse College of Commerce as educators held the grand opening for their new Business Analytics lab.

The lab will serve as a research center where business data will be analyzed. A significant amount of that data will flow across two huge 20-foot screens, so students and researchers can do some serious number crunching.

Dr. Brian Gray, Interim Dean of the College, says the new state of the art lab will serve students teams and businesses.

“Outstanding opportunity because my background is statistics”, Dr. Gray said. “My background is analytics. And so I just see this as sorta the next step, this is the next phase in data analysis. Where we will be able to analyze very very large data sets with millions of observations, thousands of variables and do some predictive modeling to try to predict future data”.

The lab was built for team interaction. Although the lab will not be used as a classroom, it will serve as a project room for students, faculty, and businesses.

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