UA Black Alumni Reunion: Celebrating 60 Years of Inclusion

Denny Chimes University Of Alabama

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Winter Steele

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. –  The University of Alabama’s Black Alumni Association is hosting its annual reunion this weekend, and this year’s event commemorates a momentous occasion. This year, the group is titling the event Beyond the Schoolhouse Door, celebrating 60 years and 60 honorees of inclusion at the university.

The Black Alumni Association is an official chapter of the National Alumni Association charted in 2016. The association’s focus is to support and increase diversity at the University of Alabama. Efforts work to inspire achievement and continued commitment to the university.

“When you think of 60 years of graduates from the University you share the same love and affection of the university and others you know it’s really sort of conspiring.” said Black Alumni Association President Derek Cunningham. “When you look at our trailblazers, I think they would look back and be proud of what they accomplished. Not only personally but for the entirety of the Black community. Where we started. Where we are today. And then I think they would be extremely proud of the contributions made to the university.”

This year’s reunion is June 9 through June 11. Each day includes different activities.

The “Welcome Back Alumni Mixer,” and “60 for 60” recognition events is happening June 9 from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at the Bryant Conference Center.

The organization is taking campus tours and hosting an alumni cookout on Saturday ahead of the second annual Malone Awards Gala.

“We wanted to highlight 60 key individuals, 60 key Black alums who graduated from the university and highlight their success. As a vibrant African American community on campus, I am extremely proud of my university and proud of what we accomplished,” Cunningham said.

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