U.S. Senator Luther Strange spoke to a crowd at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown Tuscaloosa.

He spoke on issues from Health Insurance, to National Security, to the resignation of Former Governor Robert Bentley.

Bentley resigned a week ago as part of a plea on two Misdemeanor Charges.

Former Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey was immediately sworn in as Alabama’s second Female Governor.

“He made his decision, I think it was the right decision and now we have Governor Ivey and I’m very confident she’s going to do a super job the process worked out exactly how it was suppose to” says U.S. Senator Luther Strange.

The Senator responded to allegations that Representative Ed Henry saying Former Governor Robert Bentley told him the Attorney General’s office was corrupt.

“I read that and I think Representative Henry was one of the people who was at a pep rally calling me everything under the sun when we were taking on Mike Hubbard and the corrupt people in Montgomery. If I’m mistaken, I think he was in the Legislature when they zeroed out my budget and try to eliminate the office of Attorney General so, thats not anything new from him and I really shouldn’t dignify it with a response” says Strange.

Strange was asked if he believed Former Governor Robert Bentley tried to get him out of the Ag’s office because he thought it was corrupt.

“Our office has been called corrupt by a lot of people, Mike Hubbard’s team primarily, but the record speaks for itself, we have the very best public corruption unit in the United States Of America, two dozen Public Officials convicted, Speaker Of The House convicted, A Sheriff impeached for the first time in 100 years, two Grand Juries, one in Montgomery, one in Birmingham so, I will put that record up against any record in the United States” says Strange.

The Senator says he was not worried about any investigations while he was Alabama Attorney General.

The Special Election is set for 2018.

Governor Kay Ivey now has the power to change that.

The Senator says whenever the election will be, he is a candidate.

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