U.S. Rep. speaks to Alabama students about becoming leaders

TUSCALOOSA- Alabama’s District 6 U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer visited the University of Alabama to speak to a small group of students on Oct. 3.

The monthly town hall meetings are normally held at Samford University, but this night it took place at Hewson Hall in Tuscaloosa. UA President of College Republicans Brian Sczotka said this is the first of many such meetings for the university.

“Congressman Palmer is really great with us,” he said. “We have a great relationship with him. The purpose of these meetings is for him to come here and put a face to politics so we can learn the issues we are facing and how members of Congress like him are dealing with them in Washington right now.”

Palmer spoke to students about the importance of being a leader and developing good character principles.

“If you are a person of character, if you have some foundational principles, that’s what you build on and add to that experience,” said Palmer.

While at the meeting, Palmer also elaborated on the ongoing issues in Ukraine.

“Well, I think we need to stay the course of helping Ukraine. It is extremely important that Putin not be successful in what he is doing,” said Palmer.

Palmer left students with a little piece of advice: Smart people learn from their mistakes. Brilliant people learn from other people’s mistakes.

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