Tyre Nichols documents: Officer never explained stop to him

Tyre Nichols Officers
In this image from video released and partially redacted by the city of Memphis, Tenn., on Jan. 27, 2023, Tyre Nichols leans against a car after a brutal attack by five Memphis Police officers on Jan. 7, in Memphis. Officer Demetrius Haley, who is standing bent over in front of Nichols, is seen taking photographs of Nichols, which he sent to other officers and a female acquaintance. The new revelation about Haley's actions were released Tuesday, Feb. 7, in documents that provide a scathing account of what authorities called the "blatantly unprofessional" conduct of the officers involved in the fatal beating of Nichols. (City of Memphis via AP)

The Associated Press

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) – The officer who pulled Tyre Nichols from his car before police fatally beat him never explained why he was being stopped, newly released documents show.

Emerging reports from Memphis residents suggest that was commonplace.

The Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission released documents Tuesday blasting the conduct of Demetrius Haley and four other officers as “blatantly unprofessional.”

They include revelations that Haley took photographs of Nichols as he lay propped against a police car.

Haley then sent the photos to other officers and a female acquaintance, the Memphis Police Department wrote in requesting that the five officers be stripped of the ability to work as police.

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