Two Tuscaloosa schools are locked down after receiving threats

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Karnera Gafford

Cottondale – A threatening Instagram post and an anonymous phone call sent Eastwood Middle School into lockdown at 2:50 in the afternoon earlier this week alongside Paul W. Bryant High School, located across the street.

A mother who has a child at the school said she wishes the school would have handled the threat differently.

“When I got here it was very hostile, I felt as if he could have handled it in a different way,” Tiffany Cox said. “Instead of yelling at the parents because they’re concerned, but instead it was a little hostile environment. But when Miss Wesley came out, she calmed everybody down and let them know what was going on. If it would have been handled that way from the beginning it would have been all right.”

The threat made online was created through a new Instagram account that was sent to the school. Once the threat was made the Tuscaloosa Police Department jumped into action and secured the premises.

An eighth-grade student was glad the threat was called off and he was able to go home.

“I’m really scared, I’m just happy to be out of here cause I do not want anybody to kill me cause I came to school to get my education, not to just wake up not for somebody to kill or shoot up my school,” said Kalandis Williams, an Eastwood student.

After parents were notified, the carpool line became backed up while and parents waited for their children.

“Nobody knew exactly what was going on and if you would have been more prepared parents would have understood better. You had parents standing outside telling them they could not get their child because they were not in the car line, but the car line was backed all the way up to the highway, so that does not help at all,” Cox said.

After the lockdown, the students and staff were dismissed. There is no word on any arrests or suspects in this case.


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