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By WVUA 23 Reporter Kinsley Centers

Teaching students to read, write and do arithmetic are all important parts of the curriculum at Walker Elementary and Huntington Place Elementary, but at these schools, teachers go beyond the textbook by educating students to cultivate a culture of good character.

Walker Elementary and Huntington Place Elementary are two of the 81 state schools in the country to be designated as the “2020 State Schools of Character.” These Tuscaloosa County district schools are two of the four to have received the recognition by among the state of Alabama.

Each of these schools have been working diligently over the past few years to receive this honor and they are thankful their hard work paid off.

“We were all very excited, it’s something that we have been committed to for a few years now and to receive the honor of being the ‘State School of Character’ was something that we were all really excited about,” said Annsley Hall, a teacher at Walker Elementary. “Our principal came over the intercom during the middle of the day and we were all celebrating and just really excited to be a recipient of this honor.” certifies schools and districts at the state level each year that instills character development within their students. Beyond classroom projects, teachers engrain character into students as they teach through hands-on projects which include giving back to the community through various missions such as raising canned goods and clothing to help those in need and recycling.

“As a school we realize that we need to be more intentional in our contributions to our community and our students have met our expectations and have gone above and beyond,” said Michele Rogers, counselor at Huntington Place Elementary. “We have kids that are just doing amazing things to serve our community.”

In May, will announce its highest distinction, “National Schools of Character.” Until then and beyond, both Walker Elementary and Huntington Place Elementary plan to continue to teach their students to have good character in the classroom and out.

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