Police have new information in the murder of 29-year-old, Samantha Payne of Maplesville.
Payne’s body was found off of South Sandy Road in Tuscaloosa County on Monday morning. Two more suspects are in custody for their roles in Samantha Payne’s death.

The latest two suspects are 34-year-old Marcus George and 22 year old Alyssa Watson of Centreville. They have been charged with first degree kidnapping. Two suspects were charged earlier this week with capital murder. They are Michael Belcher, 31 of Centreville and Chylli Bruce, 18 of Brent.
Investigators believe Payne was assaulted in Bibb County and then driven to the South Sandy Road area in Tuscaloosa County by the suspects on or around November 2, 2015. Authorities think this is when and where Payne was murdered. Payne’s parents spoke out about the heartache of losing their daughter.
A go fund me account has been set up for Payne’s funeral costs. Here is the here.
A missing persons report was filed on Payne in Chilton County one week before her body was found.
Belcher and Bruce are being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail with no bond.
George and Watson are being held on 60,000 dollar bonds each.

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