Two Local Schools Affected by COVID Outbreaks

Tuscaloosa Academy
By WVUA 23 ReporterAajene Robinson

TUSCALOOSA, Ala- Tuscaloosa Academy and Curry High School are feeling the impact of COVID-19 on their campuses.

Parents of Tuscaloosa Academy students received an email from the school stating that classes will be canceled and students will go fully virtual for the next five days.

This is so that the school can ensure everything is sanitized. 

State sporting events and extracurricular activities are also canceled as a precaution to make sure students can return back to campus safely.

The school has a maintenance staff on hand and has the ability to fog the school with disinfectant foggers.

“Not only that we have a contracted cleaning crew that comes in the afternoons and they are able to go behind, disinfect surfaces and wipe everything down,” said Dr. Bryan Oliver, Headmaster of Tuscaloosa Academy. 

“The Mr. Foggers that we have that put disinfected mist in the air we are using those as well in the classrooms and hallway,” said Oliver.

Over in Walker County at Curry High School, the football team is being affected by the coronavirus.

It is already a tough season for the team, now have to cancel this week’s practice and game due to COVID concerns.

Tuscaloosa Academy will return back to school on Tuesday and more updates will be made at an appropriate time for the Curry High School football team.

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