By WVUA 23 Web Reporter Trent Carlson

A Mississippi man escaped the cab of his 18-wheeler moments before the engine burst into flames on Monday.

Truck driver Sidney Andrews said he noticed smoke and pulled over to the side of Interstate 20/59 South near Fosters.

“I came around the detour up here, and when I got back up on the highway, I saw smoke coming out of the trailer,” Andrews said. “As soon as I pulled over the whole engine just flamed up.”

The fire burned the cab almost to disintegration and Andrews said he was lucky to escape with his life.

The incident was not the only fire on Interstate 20/59 to cause traffic delays Monday, as earlier in the day a dump truck started a grass fire and damage to the northbound lanes.

The driver of the dump truck said he forgot to put the bed down and it hit power lines and a fiber optic line near mile marker 54 on Interstate 20/59. The dump truck then struck a bridge that passes over the highway.

Two cars in the southbound lanes were damaged by the power lines, but no one was injured.


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