Two Tuscaloosa children are recovering after they were struck my a falling tree during Thursday’s afternoon storms. They are 12-year-old Marcus Rashawn Kirkman and 10-year-old Ti’shaun Kirkman.

Porsha Watson, Marcus and Ti’shaun’s mother, said Marcus suffered from head injuries, bruised lungs, and a chipped spine. She also said Ti’shaun suffered from bruises on his back. The boys were helping their mother take clothes off the line in the backyard. Only seconds later when the tree fell on both of them.

“Marcus was practically trying to save his brother and Ti’shaun got hit but Marcus is practically the hero here,”  Watson said.

“I pushed him out the way so he wouldn’t get hit. That I’d get hit,” Marcus told WVUA 23, his head still bandaged.

Marcus was released from DCH Medical Center at noon today. Ti’shaun was released last night. Doctors say they will be okay but for now they both are sore and resting at home.

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