Tuscaloosa County District Attorney

Tuscaloosa county courthouse

Two Candidates vying to be Tuscaloosa County District Attorney.

Republican Hays Webb faces Democratic Dennis Steverson.

Webb currently serves as Tuscaloosa County District Attorney.

He was appointed to the position back in September by Governor Robert Bentley.

Webb believes the office should be run in an effective, efficient and ethical way.

“I think that each of those things are vital, since been in office since September 6th, we have been effective, we’ve made tremendous changes that the office has needed. We are instituting a lot of
new systems policies that are making us more efficient as far as ethical since day one, everybody in the office understands we represent all the people of our county and that we’re always going to
answer every question making sure we do the right thing” says Hays Webb.

Democratic Candidate Dennis Steverson, a Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court Judge, Assistant District Attorney says he brings experience.

Reducing crime in Tuscaloosa is Steverson’s main focus.

He’s campaigning on what he calls “SACK”

” S is for safeguard victim’s rights a is for achieving office efficiency, c is for creating a strong community partnership and k is for keeping criminals off the streets. So, we want to do something innovative and that’s new for the District Attorney’s Office and trying to make sure that we prevent crime and take make our community much safer” says Steverson

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