Tuscaloosa’s One Place is Offering Free Relationship Classes

By WVUA23 News Reporter Savannah Denton

Communication is the key to making and keeping committed relationships healthy. That’s why one local family resource nonprofit is offering help for those who want it. So whether you’ve been married for years or dating for just a couple of months, Tuscaloosa’s One Place wants to hear from you.

They’re offering a free six-course class for couples to help them elevate their relationship. The classes create opportunities for growth and connection for couples.

TOP strives empower families to achieve their full potential by providing resources to promote self-sufficiency, strengthening families, and preventing child abuse and neglect to improve the quality of life for all members of our community.

Communications Director for TOP Ashley Cornelius-Hester encourages committed couples of any age to participate in the educational course.

“A lot of people see this and they are like I don’t want to do a therapy course,” she said. “This is not therapy. This is education. It’s tools you learn about communication, you learn about taking care of yourself so that you can be a better partner. You can learn about how to learn about your partner. There’s so many elements of this that a lot of people want to put up a wall they assume that it is a mental health course but really its just healthy relationship education.”

What’s even better is while you’re learning about creating a healthy relationship, you can also earn up to $160 per person.

In person classes will be offered on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, beginning Oct. 18 and Oct. 20. The courses are offered once a week for six weeks or once a month for six months.

You can visit tuscaloosaoneplace.org for more details or to sign up for the program.

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