Tuscaloosans ready for ‘Barbie’ movie release

Friday started the opening weekend for Barbie- the movie and fans of all ages showed up at theatres.

The Warner Brothers comedy is about a Barbie doll living in Barbieland who’s forced to leave her perfect life and jet set to the adventures of the real world.

Fans said they have been watching Barbie for years and could not wait to come out in their best Barbie attire to watch the movie.

“I’m pretty excited. When I was little I would watch all the animated Barbie movies,” said Julie Minkey.

The highly anticipated film generated quite a buzz. Several people were curious about the costumes Barbie will wear in the movie.

“Probably Barbie’s outfits, I think I’m going to enjoy those,” said Mariah Patton.

One mother and daughter duo came out to the Cobb Cinema theatre’s in Tuscaloosa. Mother Molly Rivers said they are true Barbie girls.

“We are so excited when we first saw the trailer for it we were like, girl date. We got to go see this movie together, so we planned this out. We were going to get pink outfits and get our snacks and just have us a nice little girl date,” said Rivers.

The film stars Hollywood actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken.

“Oh I think she’s the perfect Barbie. She’s got the nice blond hair and everything, what else can you want,” said Cole Hanners.

According to Digital Spy Magazine, as of July 21 Barbie- the movie has already grossed $70.5 million on opening day.




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