Tuscaloosans keep themselves, children safe in the heat

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jayda Russell

With the official start to summer more than one week away and temperatures soaring above 90 degrees across Alabama, Tuscaloosans are trying to figure out how to keep themselves and their children safe in the summer heat.

Amber Miller said she tries to keep her children cool with water activities and playing in the late afternoon.

“I put sunscreen on them before we go outside. We have a kiddie pool at the house, my littles ones like to play in that, my older son will get splash balls and play with those. We turn on the sprinkler or just go find somewhere in the shade to do something,” she explained.

Health officials say drinking plenty of water, one cup every 15-20 minutes, when outside in the heat. They also advise mixing in a sports drink to provide replenishing sugars and electrolytes.

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