Tuscaloosa Police are still looking for one of the suspects from a robbery at the Shell station on Skyland Boulevard Sunday morning, 52-year-old Michael Burrell.
Police say he and Dewan Hampton stole three cases of beer. When store clerk, Shelia Britton tried to stop them, she suffered life-threatening injuries after being dragged by their car

If you have any information about Burrell, call TPD at 205-349-2121.

Meanwhile, those who love Shelia Britton are praying that she makes a full recovery.
Those who love her stretch beyond family and Britton’s family stretches beyond blood.

Britton is well known and well loved in the local wrecker community. Many drivers stop in her store 4 to 5 times a day get fuel, food and friendly conversation from their favorite clerk.

“She’s just real bubbly, always joking…a real nice lady,” Wayne’s Body Shop driver Doug New told WVUA 23.
“She’s friendly, kind and just an amazing woman,” Duke Barner with Horton’s Garage and Wrecker Service added. “She likes to talk about how you’re doing, what’s your life like. She doesn’t want to take your money and get you out of there, she wants to be friends and see how you are.”

The Tuscaloosa County wrecker community has created a gofundme page to help with Shelia Britton’s medical expenses.

“Just because she is in the condition she is in right now, her financial responsibilities don’t stop,” page creator Julie Kizziah told WVUA 23 News Reporter Chelsea Barton. “Anything we can do from the wrecker community or Tuscaloosa community as her recovery hopefully progresses, we’ll do it. That’s what a community is about,” Kizziah exclaimed.

And the wrecker community is not stopping there. While we were gathering this story, the drivers initially involved decided to challenge all other similar service companies in the area to match their donations of $50 each to Shelia’s recovery fund.

WVUA 23 has also been in touch with Britton’s family. They want to say thank you to our community with this statment.

If you’d like to donate to Shelia Britton’s recovery, you can do so by clicking here or visiting gofundme.com and searching “Shelia Britton.”



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