Tuscaloosa traffic: Be careful out there, because it’s often a mess

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traffic light

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Zoe Blair

It happens every year like clockwork: students come back, and Tuscaloosa’s roads become more like a war zone.

Wrecks can be seen left and right; 15th Street and McFarland Boulevard are everyone’s worst nightmares and, to top it all off, some major thoroughfares are the site of constant construction.

“It’s always so hard to get around,” said Tuscaloosa native Karli Davis. “When the students come back, I try not to go anywhere.”

In mid-August, University of Alabama students flood back into town, raising the population by thousands. While many live on campus and keep to that area, still have to get around somehow.

“The real issue is that everyone’s in a rush,” said Tuscaloosa resident Grady Miller. “They’re late or not leaving in a timely manner and they end up traveling recklessly through the area. There are always way too many wrecks, people running red lights and not paying attention to traffic signals, stuff like that this time of year.”

No matter where you’re going, look both ways one more time just to avoid an unwanted accident from an inexperienced driver.

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