TUSCALOOSA -If you live in west Alabama and are on social media, you’ve probably seen this viral video of Upsurge Trampoline Park employee Lardez (Dez) Thomas making a special effort to include 11-year-old Kirill Davis in the fun happening at Upsurge. Kirill has down syndrome and is completely non verbal.
The two were reunited Friday and WVUA 23 was there to capture that reunion.

“I saw Kirill sitting on the trampoline alone watching everyone else jump so my heart told me to go over there and play with him, ” Thomas told WVUA 23 about the first day he met Kirill. “We jumped and laughed. It was a very special moment,” he said happily.

Not only has that special moment captured on video reminded people from all over that we are more alike than different, but it’s sparked a full fledged friendship between two young men who needed each other.

“This friendship means the world to me,” Thomas exclaimed. “Within hours of friendship between me and Kirill, we had already brought hundreds of people together.”

Kirill’s mom Tesney Davis posted the video on social media. She told WVUA the day they met Dez, her life and her son’s life changed for the better.

“Dez just became his friend and brought him right in with the other kids,” Davis said with a big smile on her face. “Dez made him apart of everything and just included him,” she added.


Two friends, different ages, with different skin colors putting out the same message: “We are more alike than different.”

“This is what the world should look like,” Tesney Davis said. “We really are more alike than different. It doesn’t matter about our religion or political party or the color of our skin. We are not so different that we can’t unify.”


Dez leaves to go to college in August, but has promised Kirill that they’ll get together each time he comes home to visit.


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