Fuller Goldsmith

UPDATE: Fuller did not get chopped.

Instead, he walked away with the $10,000 grand prize after making it through all three rounds of “Chopped Jr.”

Fuller celebrated with fans cheering him on at Southern Ale House Tuesday evening, and said he’s donating some of his prize to Fuller’s Fund, a charity in his name supporting the oncology ward of Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.



One local child with a passion for cooking is debuting his talents tonight on the Food Network’s “Chopped Jr.

Fuller Goldsmith, who’s been battling leukemia since April 2007, will show off his chopping skills in the three-round competition airing tonight at 7 p.m.

“Chopped” and “Chopped Jr.” feature four chefs competing for a $10,000 prize. Chefs have a set time to cook a dish featuring the surprise ingredients found in a basket at the beginning of each round. After the dishes are judged, one of the chefs is chopped and the next round commences. The show begins with appetizers, the second round is a main dish and the winner is decided by a dessert round.

Fuller was chosen for the competition in October 2016, and the show was shot in November.

“I’ve been watching (‘Chopped’) ever since I was 3,” Fuller said. “So I can come up with something. As soon as I see that first ingredient out of the basket I knew exactly what I was going to make.”

Southern Ale House, which is no stranger to fuller, is hosting a watch party for the show tonight.



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