By WVUA 23 Reporter Samantha Fisher

The thunderstorm earlier this afternoon caused a lot of damage in certain areas of Tuscaloosa and left some without power.

Specifically, one tree fell and took the power out of homes near 16th avenue and 11th street around noon. Thankfully no one was injured.

Gile Amos was at home when he lost power. “We were all kind of sitting in the living room, and uh my roommates were freaking out and I had just woken up and we tried to turn on the tv and then our power was out, so we couldn’t even watch what was going on. Um, my phone was dead so I couldn’t charge it. So we didn’t really know what was going on, we were kind of clueless,” said Amos.

Some neighbors saw the lightning that struck the transmitter and one homeowner saw the damage in her backyard.

Another local resident, Cassidy Mcghe, was also at home. “We were just hanging out, watching the weather channel and then all of a sudden we heard a click and our power was out. Then one of my roommates went to the back and some of the power poles are everywhere and we were like oh good,” said Mcghe.

Alabama Power Appliance Center received numerous calls and sent companies out to address these issues. Unfortunately, these homeowners were not given an estimated time as to when their power will come back on, but they hope it will be soon.

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