By WVUA 23 Ensley Nichols and WVUA 23 Web Coordinator David Williams III

Young people around the nation continue to fight for additional gun control, and on April 20 thousands of students plan to have a school walkout in support of additional restrictions on gun sales.

This nationwide effort will be occurring in Tuscaloosa. Local students look to voice their concerns about gun violence across the nation. Laurel Moore, who organized the Tuscaloosa walkout and attends Paul W. Bryant High School, said she plans to show she can be as influential and powerful as politicians.

“I’m a minor, so I can’t vote but I do have my school attendance which is my power, which is the only power I have as a minor so walking out of school and showing that I’m protesting against laws in Alabama that enable guns to be gotten easily,” said Moore. “I think that’s where my power lies in my school attendance.”

By using just a sheet of paper, Moore plans to make her walkout to Snow Hilton Park even more powerful. Students are asked to print out these price tags in protest to demand that politicians pass meaningful gun legislation laws, and wear them proudly around their wrists.

“These price tags symbolize our lives that are worth to the politicians who take money from the NRA so don’t put a price tag on us but if you’re willing to price us out then we will show you,” said Moore.

The March for Our Lives page has price tags available for each state showing how much each student costs compared to funding politicians in the state have received from the National Rifle Association. The website lists that in Alabama students are worth only $0.31 to the National Rifle Association.

“Ever since I started wearing this, I’ve had to explain to fellow students, and they’re just like, “Dang, that’s all I’m worth?’ ” said Moore.

Moore said she’s only expecting about 2 dozen students to participate. Students were given the option to exempt from finals, or be a part of the walkout.

“It’s what we have and I’m grateful for every single last person to show up,” said Moore.

Moore said that the number of people who turn out isn’t what matters most, it’s about the people willing to help out.

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