New Equipment For Tuscaloosa Police

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Paramedic Units are going to be receiving new equipment that will help them save lives.

The Tuscaloosa County Commission approved a budget adjustment that will allow the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office to buy Jaws of Life for their paramedic units. Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy said his paramedic units now have the equipment they need to save more lives.

This new equipment will be used at particularly bad traffic wrecks to free people trapped inside heavily damaged vehicles. Currently, the sheriff’s office has seven paramedic units, four that operate during the day and three that work at night.

“It’s a great tool, it helps the volunteer fire departments and it is also a big plus for the actual citizens,” Abernathy said. “Because 75 percent of the responses for these units are law enforcement and 25 percent are typically medical responses.”

According to the sheriff, his deputy paramedic units are saving lives almost every single day.

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