Candidates from six Tuscaloosa City School Districts took the stage at the Tuscaloosa River Market to answer citizen’s questions.

With elections just over a week away, Monday night was an opportunity for the candidates to answer questions straight from voters.

Issues such as integration, failing schools and English learning students were all tabled at the public forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Greater Tuscaloosa.

“It’s a great way for (voters) to learn really what the candidate expects to bring if they’re elected,” moderator Kim Bailey said. “While we have prepared questions, they were given the opportunity to ask some questions  to really find out what it is they [the candidates]are concerned about.”

Residents with or without children in the school system came to hear from the candidates before casting their votes.

“I wanted to be here, I have grandchildren in the school system and I just want to know what’s happening with them,” Larry Tucker said.

As the board hopefuls rev up their campaigns in the home stretch of the election, Bailey said that being an informed voter is key.

“I would encourage people to always be an informed voter,” Bailey said. “A voter first, but an informed voter really to be sure that you’re picking the candidate that’s going to do exactly what you want them to do.”

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