Sales Tax

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A penny doesn’t sound like very much, until you calculate an additional cent for every dollar spent in Tuscaloosa.

Local businesses will be enforcing a 1 cent sales tax increase starting tomorrow. That means Tuscaloosa shoppers will now pay 10 cents in taxes for every dollar spent. Mayor Walt Maddox estimates the sales tax increase will bring in about $14 million in its first fiscal year. This is the first sales tax increase for Tuscaloosa in over 30 years.

Jim Page, the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, knows people are not crazy about any tax increases, but he supports this one.

“Obviously there is going to be some heartburn about any kind of tax increase and we understand that, nobody likes that,” Page said. “But for the most part it’s been fairly quiet and I think the share of our members and the business community understand that this is an investment for the future. That we’ll all share in paying but were also going to share in the benefits.”

One business owner says the one percent increase is not likely to effect business revenue.

“With it just being again a one percent increase, it’s not going to be as noticeable as if it were a little bit more and I don’t really think people are going to take much notice at all” said Pasquale Tosyali, the owner of Bossi Boutique.

Young shoppers in Tuscaloosa seemed to agree. The increased sales tax will help fund things like a possible convention center, universal pre-K airport investments and more. For anyone who is looking for additional information about where exactly the money from the sales tax increase will be going, they are encouraged to visit elevatetuscaloosa.com.

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