Reporting by WVUA 23’s Amber Boswell

Tuscaloosa residents are now sleeping better at night after learning that the two suspects involved in numerous auto burglaries are now in police custody.

Police say all of these burglaries were of unlocked vehicles at the Highlands, Firethorn Drive, Arcadia, Sherwood, Circlewood, Beverly Heights and Windsor Drive.

Residents of these communities said they now think twice about locking their car doors before going in for the night.

“I think you need to be a little aware, but you don’t need to be scared, you need to be careful,” Larry Clayton, an automobile owner in one of the targeted communities, said.

He said he is thrilled that the two suspects are now behind bars.

“I’m sorry some people cars were broken into, and I’m glad they caught them,” Clayton said.

Kimberly Roberts, the owner of Bama Bed and Breakfast in Sherwood, said she now cautions her guests about leaving valuables in their car.

“We have a Ring camera, so it’s very difficult to see much of detail to know who’s doing that kind of behavior, but we always caution our guests that they need to lock their doors up and bring any valuables inside,” Roberts said.

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