Tuscaloosa residents find a helping hand in Tuscaloosa Builds

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Giselle Hood

TUSCALOOSA – Local residents had the opportunity to learn about financial assistance to improve their homes and businesses.

Tuscaloosa Builds hosted an event Thursday, Oct. 6, at McDonald Hughes Center to let the community ask questions about financial help to make a down payment for homeowners and potential buyers. The event was free and put on by the Office of Community and Neighborhood Services in collaboration with Regions Bank.

“My grandson wants to buy himself a house,” Tuscaloosa resident Veolia Merriweather said. “You know, things are changed now. I’m not up to date on things like I was when I built my house. So we don’t want him to go blindfolded into that.”

Tuscaloosa Builds also offers networking events and educational workshops to support small business owners.

“The city recognizes that small business owners are the backbone of the economy,” Community Development Program Manager Caramyl Drake explained. “They’ve taken a front end approach to provide assistance to get you ready with all the things you need to actively operate your business.”

The event will be returning on Oct. 20 at College Hill Baptist Church.

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