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Candidates for Tuscaloosa’s municipal elections were officially announced Tuesday evening.

The election, being held March 7, will determine who runs the city for the next four years, including the mayor, city council and the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education.

While the deadline was Tuesday, candidates are still being vetted. An official list of those running will be available within a week.

As of today, there are 31 candidates on the ballot. The list is below.


  • Walt Maddox (incumbent)
  • Stepfon “Step” Lewis

Tuscaloosa City Council

District 1
  • Phyllis Odom (incumbent)
  • Willie C. Gordon
District 2
  • Harrison Taylor (incumbent)
  • Raevan Howard
District 3
  • Cynthia Almond (incumbent, unopposed)
District 4
  • Matt Calderone (incumbent, unopposed)
District 5
  • Kip Tyner (incumbent)
  • Brett LaFerrera
District 6
  • Edwin Pugh (incumbent)
  • Alan “AJ” Johnson
District 7
  • Sonya McKinstry (incumbent, unopposed)

Tuscaloosa City School Board

Board Chairman
  • Eric Wilson (unopposed)
District 1
  • LaQuishia “Que” Chandler
  • Tony V. Humphries
  • Earnestine Young
  • Matthew Wilson
District 2
  • Earnestine Tucker (incumbent)
  • Kendra Williams
  • Paul W. Sanders Sr.
District 3
  • Guy May (unopposed)
District 4
  • Patrick Hamner
  • Zoe Winston
District 5
  • Erica Grant
  • Lauren Wilson
  • Beth Cleino Allaway
  • Harry C. Lee (incumbent)
District 6
  • Marvin Lucas (incumbent)
  • Andrew Robertson
District 7
  • Erskine Simmons (incumbent)
  • LaQuetta Peoples


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