Tuscaloosa Police: We’ll be out celebrating with you, so act appropriately


Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley isn’t mincing words when it comes to tonight’s potential National Championship celebrations.

As in previous years when the University of Alabama winds up with a big win, fans are bound to flee the bars and flood the Strip just off the UA campus and in downtown Tuscaloosa. But Blankley wants to remind revelers that police will be there, too, ensuring the party doesn’t get too out of hand.

Last year’s National Championship win featured thousands of fans converging on the Strip — and some of them got out of hand. Firsthand accounts described people hanging off light poles, throwing beer bottles and damaging local businesses. In all, 14 people were arrested.

Blankley said their goal this year is ensuring everyone has a good time, but stays safe and celebrates responsibly.

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