Tuscaloosa Police: Texas game weekend overall smooth sailing

This past game day weekend was one of the busier events in Tuscaloosa, and that meant local law enforcement agencies were on the lookout for more potential problems.

But Tuscaloosa Police Department Assistant Chief Heath Clark said the weekend wound up pretty smooth.

“Other than probably trying to get around town on the day Friday and Saturday, everybody was patient and didn’t have any major negative events,” said Clark.

TPD isn’t alone in handling the influx of University of Alabama football fans: the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, University of Alabama Police Department and Northport Police Department are all out en masse lending a hand.

“Didn’t have any violence,” Clark said. “Really the only thing we had to deal with over the weekend was some alcohol-induced bad decision making on the part of a few people.”

Clark said he’s proud of his department for being all hands on deck in making sure the weekend was safe and fun.

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