Tuscaloosa Police Department led the state in human trafficking arrests for 2017. They are now providing a course to help cut down on it’s existence in our area.

It happens all the time. Hotel management arrested for facilitating illegal activity like human trafficking at their places of business.
“The human trafficking industry is the fastest growing industry today,” Tuscaloosa Police Department Lt. Darren Beams told WVUA 23.

That’s why Tuscaloosa Police Department has created a tool to educate those who work in the hospitality business, like those at Centerstone Inn in Tuscaloosa County who took part in the course Friday. Their business sits right off of the Interstate 20, also known as the human sex trafficking superhighway. Studies show 90% of human trafficking arrests occur on or near the interstate corridor, often in hotels because they are easy to get in and out.

Lt. Beams teaches the awareness course, educating those interested in warning signs to look for like : refusal to make eye contact, heavy traffic in and out of rooms, and one person having control over multiple people’s possessions like identification cards.

Centerstone Inn General Manager Huey Harris and his employees tell me they now feel safer and better about doing their jobs.

“We are not turning the cheek period,” Harris said. “We are calling the police department to let them know what is going on. We are just not going to tolerate it period, human trafficking by no shape or form,” Harris added.

If you are interested in taking this free course provided by Tuscaloosa Police Department. you can call them at (205) 349-2121



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