Tuscaloosa County Jail

The Tuscaloosa Police Department made 40 arrests in a three-day period with the help of local and federal partners, the city of Tuscaloosa announced today.

Tuscaloosa’s Repeat Offender Unit investigates known violent offenders living within Tuscaloosa County, helps remove them from their communities and ensures they’re aggressively prosecuted. Most targets of the three-day initiative were offenders who committed crimes using guns or were habitual offenders, the city of Tuscaloosa said in a statement.

“Studies have shown that the majority of serious crimes are committed by a small percentage of criminals,” said Tuscaloosa Police Chief Mitt Tubbs. “In order to protect our communities it is essential that we form these alliances and work as a team with the community and use every tool at our disposal to ensure that we provide the police services our citizens deserve.”

Police arrested 40 people during the search on 140 charges. Of those charges, 57 were for outstanding felony warrants, 39 were new felony charges, 28 were misdemeanor arrests and 16 were failure-to-appear violations. Six firearms were recovered in addition to the arrests.

Of the warrants served during the period, four were for first-degree robbery, one for for first-degree arson, two were for first-degree rape and 18 were for unlawful breaking and entering.

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