The Tuscaloosa Police department has revealed new details regarding an officer-involved shooting that happened Thursday evening at Chateau Apartments. The full text is below.

On August 20, 2015 at approximately 6:00 p.m. a Tuscaloosa Police Department officer responded to 3402 University Blvd East on an assault call. According to multiple witnesses, when the officer arrived he walked up a set of steps to an upstairs balcony where several people were standing. One of the subjects pointed at a white male standing on the balcony who was later identified as Jeffory Ray Tevis, a 50 year old white male. He told the officer Mr. Tevis was making threatening remarks toward him.

The TPD Officer then approached Mr. Tevis and attempted to engage him in conversation to determine the problem.  Mr. Tevis appeared very upset and agitated as the officer initially approached him. Mr. Tevis told the officer that he had been attacked and the subjects that attacked him were still inside his apartment and pointed toward an open apartment door. The officer immediately noticed blood on the face and legs of Mr. Tevis. The officer attempted to calm Mr. Tevis and told him he would go in the apartment when his backup arrived. Mr. Tevis continued to act very agitated toward the officer who believed Mr. Tevis was either under the influence of illegal drugs or suffering from a mental episode.  Suddenly and without warning, Mr. Tevis continued approaching the officer and then struck the officer at least once and the two began struggling. A witness stated that Mr. Tevis was pushing the officer against the railing and was afraid he was going to push the officer over the rail off the second floor balcony.

The officer was able to push Mr. Tevis back toward his apartment where they both fell down. The two continued struggling and eventually the officer was able to stand up and back away from Mr. Tevis as the struggle continued. The officer immediately deployed his taser striking Mr. Tevis in the abdomen area. Again according to witnesses, the taser had no effect on him and he stood up and yanked the taser prongs from his body. Mr. Tevis then began charging toward the officer who was retreating from him. The officer continued backing away from Mr. Tevis and gave him verbal commands to stop and get down. According to measurements taken at the scene the officer retreated approximately 24 feet as Mr. Tevis continued approaching him.  Witnesses stated Mr. Tevis raised his hand over his head holding a large metal spoon in a threatening manner and rushed toward the officer. At that time the officer pulled his duty weapon as he was backing away and fired two shots striking Mr. Tevis causing him to immediately fall down. Mr. Tevis was later pronounced dead at the scene.

       After speaking with several witnesses who were at the apartments, it appears that no one had assaulted Mr. Tevis. No one had been seen entering or leaving Mr. Tevis’s apartment and no one was found inside the apartment. Based on statements from a family member, it appears Mr. Tevis was suffering from a mental episode and had engaged in self destructive behavior immediately prior to the arrival of the Tuscaloosa Police Officer.

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